Monday, September 5, 2011

The Goat Whisperer

Chase loves, loves, loves the goats at the zoo. He is so adorable with them. He walks around their pen with them with one arm flung over their back. He looks them in the eyes like they are best buds, and he snuggles up to them in any way he can. People always end up watching Chase, "The Goat Whisperer," with the goats because who can resist a 16 month old cuddlin' up to a goatie!  This boy is a cutie!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Courtright Family Reunion 2011

Event:  Courtright Family Reunion 2011
Date:  July 20-24
Theme:  Pioneers
Location:  East Wenatchee, WA
Activities on the Agenda:  Making Pioneer Handcarts, Bead work and necklace making, Swimming, Dancing, Junior Olympics, Singing, Devotionals, Hiking (that was definitely an adventure), Tons of Fun

Practicing our "Whenever I think about Pioneers" Song that we sang at church. 

I played the violin while Christina played cello to accompany the song.

Lined up for the Junior Olympics.

Target practice on the uncles.

Check out them guns!  We weren't about to lose the waterfight.

Cute Cousin Hair!

Check out our mad limbo skills!

How low can ya go?

Courtright boys with their boys.

This was a wonderful family reunion!  We loved it!  Of course, the time we spent as a family went by way to fast.  We love being with family.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Girls Retreat in Mesquite

This was my first real get away by myself EVER! And I loved it! It was so much fun. First off, I had such wonderful friends here in Portland who offered to take my kids during the day while Mike was at school. Thank you, thank you! And Mikey was so excited for me and extra willing to watch the kids so I could go out with my sissies and my momma for 4 days straight without a schedule.  I flew into Vegas and we headed to the Casablanca hotel and resort in Mesquite.   

There was lots of swimming and sunning to be had.  Some of my favorite things to do!  I read.  I talked.  I laughed.  I really enjoyed myself.  : )

Me and my lil' sis Giada.  We'd walk right in from laying out to go eat lunch.  Lunch that was not, I repeat, NOT prepared by me.  : )

We did lots o' eating.  Another one of my favorite things to do.  Why do I love food so much?  Sigh...

Went out on the town...okay...there's not that much of a town to go out on.  But this picture shows that we didn't wear our swimsuits the whole time.

Spa treatments!  I tell you what, I could get used to it!  Yes, I could.

Sippin' margaritas poolside.  (Non alchoholic, of course!)

Gettin' our toes done by Momma.  She does the BEST nails!

Saying goodbye as triplets...yes...we all have the same dress...same size and all!  Love it!

Thanks ladies for such a great trip!  I can't wait to do it again!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Presenting the Courtrights 2011

I've determined that it's pretty dang near impossible to get that perfect family photo. I mean you do all the prep work...doin' the hair, dollin' up, gettin' fancy...and then the reality of it all sets in. There's us, the parents, smiling, while all the while inside our heads we are desperately hoping the kids will cooperate and that the whole process will proceed smoothly and quickly. Then there is them, the kids, who the whole time secretly plan to make family picures the longest, most stressful 30 minutes of the day. Kira will pose for the camera all day long, yet when it's family picture time, the comets align and out comes the dark side. That being said, I was pretty ecstatic that some photos turned out. Here's our fam in 2011. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer Travels

I tell you what...we have had some of the worst summer weather here in Portland this summer. So we had to get the heck outta dodge to find some good weather. We ended up in Island Park, ID. Henry's Lake to be exact. Mike's favorite place on earth. Here's one of the reasons why...

Besides being absolutely gorgeous up here, the fishin' also rocks.  Here's a sweet 3 lb. Brookie Mike caught.  We went fishing together one day for a couple hours.  The tally ended up being:  Kim - 5 fish.  Mike - 3 fish.  Yep, I beat him.  Don't tell him I told y'all.

Chase didn't quite know what to think of the fish.

We took a day trip up to Virginia City, MT and took a tour by stagecoach.  I can't believe riding in those things was such a luxury.  That thing went bumpity, bump, bump, all through the town.  But it was fun to have the experience!

We went to this museum in Virginia City that had all these interesting factoids, antiques, and these crazy lambs.  This lamb had one head and two bodies.  Veird!  The beautiful model there is my niece, Giada.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Guess how old she is.  Come on, guess.... I bet you're wrong.  She's only 11!!!!

We went on a walk with all the kids and this little dog and Chase rode together the whole way.  They both loved it.  Dog truly is a kids best friend especially when they both get to ride in the stroller.


Going out on the town to see Home School Musical at Macks Inn Dinner Theater.  Hilarious show!  One of the funniest I've seen in a long time.

Grandma taught Kira how to spray whipped cream into her mouth straight from the can. 

Ahhh yeah!!!  Summer, summer, summer time!  Lovin' it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Giveaway on my Food Blog

Hey peeps! Just wanted to let you know there is a giveaway rollin' on my food blog. Check it out and enter.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Chase's Photo Shoot

Can you believe this kid is 9 months old already? He has been so much fun! He is so very different from Kira in many ways. Where Kira was the short and fat (fat may be an understatement) baby, he is the tall and skinny. Where Kira was the best and always pleasant baby, he can be a little whiner pants. Where Kira didn't crawl 'til 10 months and didn't walk 'til 14, he army crawled at 5 1/2 months starting crawling somewhere in between there and now and walks around furniture. He is also a dare devil, and Kira has always been cautious. He has 3 teeth now and loves to smile and show them off. He has everyone fooled into thinking he is the best baby ever because when we are out and about he is on his best behavior (but mommy knows his little secret). He really has been a delight. I love to cuddle with my little Chasey! It has been so fun to see Kira and Chase interact, especially now that I think she won't inflict any bodily harm upon him. These photos were taken by a fabulous young woman in my ward, Breanna Henstrom. She is interested in photography and wanted to do a photo shoot of Chase. The pictures turned out so great! Bre is so talented. Which one do you like best?